Updates to the materials or the status of the research on this website (if any) are/will be provided on this page.


01/28/2022 – 02/19/2022

  • Minor edits to the main paper. The version here has all these edits.
  • Additional information about numerical issues and accompanying support materials were added.


  • The (provided) computer codes have been expanded to handle the LP generation for problems in which some or all of the costs are negative when the embedded CPLEX reference is not used.


  • The computer codes did not upload correctly on 03/20/2022. They have been reloaded and are now working as they should.


  • The deadline  for the computational challenge was reached yesterday (05/31/2022).
  • We received only one submission, but its author eventually agreed to the correctness of our model.
  • We will keep the challenge open until further notice.


    • An issue of duplication of constraints which was brought to our attention has been fixed. (The problem occurred when the CPLEX package was used to build the model, and it was due to the package not properly handling terms with a zero-coefficient in expressions.)
    • We used the opportunity to also make improvements to the GUI.

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